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Fall / Winter 2021 Collection



“Purified” collection is an ode to the art movement ‘’Purism’’.
It is lighting the way of finding the pure sense that we need and collect deep inside of us.
Purifying complex emotions will always helping us find the real gem to joy and discover it.
In this collection, Designers thought about refining the forms and multi shapes but
especially extra emotions that we collect. The collection has been searching for the
defecate the negative feelings and intense limits. They decided to refine all, to discover
raw sense of joy that feeding the soul.
The collection features the iconic Arp’s sailent shape as a single statement form of
classical style arp with the RUH bag. The Ev bag is helping us to carry all the huge positivity on. And the Basso bag along with the newest playful addition providing with a time-less baguette bag.