Naturae Sacra is a luxury and contemporary handbag brand.  

Created by designers Gizem Pirinççiler & Kerem Erhan, it takes its’ name from the Latin word for “mysterious; holy’’.  

Its’ inspiration aims to position the mysterious forms found in nature with timeless design among the different aesthetic perceptions of distant periods of time.  It takes the nostalgic, pale and effortless elegance from the old wardrobe of a girl who is still young and combines it with sophisticated, minimal and geometric traces of the current period with a retrospective point of view.  Naturae Sacra is carefully designed with the ambition to make women feel unique by wearing an effortless, elevated, distinctive, sophisticated and, above all, green-consciously focused product.  

It's born and designed in Milan and handmade in Turkey, focusing its aesthetics on skilled craftsmanship techniques by including high-quality vegetal tanned calf leather and by supporting its own community through hiring locally.  The typical shape of the resin handles of Naturae Sacra aims to challenge the ideology of mass production. Each handle has its’ own story behind it due to the resin’s own nature and hand touched effects moulded by talented women, giving each piece the slightest differences that make it unique.  It creates new textures for each handle which make our brand overall singular. For this reason, one of the most exciting points of Naturae Sacra is to give the idea that every bag is as unique as its’ owner.  

Naturae Sacra is proud to be a design-oriented and yet considerate manufacturing brand thanks to the strength it acquires from the mystery of nature, modern women's minimal and elegant lines, and vintage cultural values.