At Naturae Sacra, we aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the origins of our products and we endeavor to ensure that our high-quality materials are responsibly sourced by our dedicated procurement teams.

All materials generate different environmental and social impacts, so we look for different standards, certifications and membership requirements for each of them, in order to make sure the key material issues for each are properly addressed

Our materials are sourced in line with the requirements of the NATURAE SACRA Code of Conduct for Partners, covering a wide range of environmental and social criteria.

As a sustainability-based brand, we never use leather, fur or feathers other than fattening skin.By taking this stance we are proving to be able to create beautiful, luxurious products that are better for everyone - animals, people and the environment.

Within the framework of the mission of our brand in the future to become a fully sustainable brand, we want to switch to fully vegan skin for this process is continuing our research.

The typical shape of the resin handles of Naturae Sacra aims to challenge the ideology of mass production. Each handle has its own story behind because of the resin’s own nature and hand touched effects by talented women, giving each piece the slight differences that make it unique. It creates new textures for each handle which makes our brand customized. For this reason, one of the most exciting points of Naturae Sacra is to give the idea that every bag is as unique as its owner. 

Bag handles made of resin are hand craftsmanship the stems, each of which is different from each other, but whose purpose is to take form from nature and to integrate with nature, support local women in their hands and obtain pure forms in every respect.

Bio-material will play a dynamic part in helping cut man’s harmfull impact on the environment in many ways, in the future.

NATURAE SACRA is a brand that placed the female figure at the basis of its mission of producing luxury handbags for women with a sense of modern fashion. The presence of strong women in the DNA of our bags, from production to usage, has become the most valuable mission of the brand.